Preeclampsia: A Plausile Playground for Stroke During Pregnancy and Puerperium

Dr. S. Mathura Vardhini 1 1 , Dr. P. Nagaraj 2

NIJ. 2020 June; 1(1): 1–3. Published online 2020 June

Abstract : Preeclampsia is emerging as a serious, threatening problem during pregnancy and puerperium. Stroke which is a neurological emergency is becoming a distressing debilitating reason for the disability and morbidity among reproductive age group women.Across the globe, studies have delineated the fact that women are at a higher risk for developing stroke in comparison with men as well as higher mortality rates. Most strokes occurring in relation to pregnancy, either manifest during labor and delivery or in the puerperium phase. In this article we outline the importance in understanding the correlation between preeclampsia and stroke, the inter relational factors favoring its development and the positive effects of diagnosing the etiological factor at an earlier stage with good diagnostic modalities and treating accordingly in a timely manner with an individualized approach, taking into consideration the possible side effects without compromising the maternal and fetal health which is of prime importance

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