Life style Medicine to improve Physical and Psychological well-being

Dr. P. Nagaraj 1, Dr. S. Mathura Vardhini 2

NIJ. 2020 June; 1(1): 9–11. Published online 2020 June

Abstract: The brain does not work in a fixed state and it has no fixed memory or intelligence that is present from birth. It is in a constant state of fluctuation.The positives and negatives can be clearly determined regarding a situation with increased insight when our mind is at peace. One of the probable reasons for the increase in cognitive disorders is extreme pressure, stress or shock.In this article, we bring about the effective and scientifically proven methodologies with which the physical and psychological well-being can be improved. This not only brings about betterment within ourselves but also directs our personal and professional life towards achieving the goals as per our wishes.

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