Increased Risk of Stress and Sleep Disturbance among E-Learners Due To Covid Lockdown

Dr Malini. M 1

NIJ. 2020 June; 1(1): 15–16. Published online 2020 June

Abstract: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown across the globe has resulted in a major depression among the people making children and adolescents the most vulnerable group. E-Learning has also put pressure on them not only physically but also psychologically. The over usage of electronic gadgets will lead to disturbing and alarming side effects in the long run. Stress and increased usage of modern gadgets due to the pandemic times can lead to sleep deprivation ruining a healthy living. In this article, we put forward the ways in which lifestyle has become deteriorated during this pandemic and what we can do about it to overcome the hardships so that we can build a healthier lifestyle without becoming the victims of psychiatric and psychological disorders.

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